AXPONA 2013: Thank you, Chicago

Well, I’m back. Did you miss me while I was gone?


But you’re sweet to say so. Anyway, I missed you. I did! In the midst of all that audio goodness, I felt adrift not being able to share it all instantaneously. Seriously! There has to be a better way to “live blog” from an audio show, one where I can take, and more importantly edit, the photos I take and tie it to the info I collect. Oh well.

So, I have a bunch of stuff collected — you’ll be able to read all that soon at The Abso!ute Sound, so do stay tuned. When links are up, I’ll be sure to post them.

Thanks to Robert Harley, Jim Hannon and Jonathan Valin — and a special shout out to Greg Beron of United Home Audio, Jeremy Bryan of MBL North America, Jonny Wilson of Snake River Audio, Greg Roberts of Volti Audio and Gary Dews of BorderPatrol — for some fine conversation over good food.

Speaking of which — to those fine ladies manning the registration booth on Saturday who tried to kill me with that monster “slice” of carrot cake, many many many thanks. It was fantastic — and just the thing to keep me going. And by “going”, I mean “bouncing off the walls”.

Last but not least, thanks to Steve Davis for putting on what was clearly the best AXPONA show yet. Bravo!

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