Spring Break: What’s Up Next

Okay, so that’s ~8k words into a 4-part show report over at TAS on AXPONA — a cracking-good show, by the way — hope you enjoyed that. The next show is the New York Audio show, which should be a bit smaller. Okay, maybe that’s wishful thinking. Anyway, TAS is sending me up the coast for that one, too (or, that’s the plan at the moment), so look for that coverage there.

Speaking of TAS, I have some more nifty pieces of kit coming this week (at least, I hope it’s this week), starting with a Scout 1.1 turntable from VPI! This is a fun ‘table, kind of a “what’s next” for the budding vinylophile, after that $300 entry-level table. Given that I have a Pro-Ject Carbon, I think the Scout will make a nice upgrade. That’ll be fun — got a couple of new carts to try on this bad boy, too.

On the absolute other end of the spectrum is the integrated amp from Soulution, the 530. This thing is a monster — and costs as much as a German sports car. Should be a crazy match for the big TIDAL loudspeakers I have here. This review is slated for a bit farther out, something like the back half of the year, so I’ll have some runway to fiddle with it, which is good.

I’m currently breaking in a Da Vinci DAC from Light Harmonic, too. The Da Vinci is a tour-de-force of technology and if you’re wondering “does it get better than this”, well, so am I — and I’m not sure I have an answer.

And that’s what’s in the hopper for TAS. Sounds fun, no?

For Part-Time Audiophile, I’ve got some tasty bits cooking, too. I already mentioned the big TIDAL loudspeakers and all that yummy Nagra gear, so I probably ought to start there. I also have some Gallo loudspeakers, and a plan to do a side-by-side with two pairs of Fritz monitors. There’s some crazy-good wire here from MG Audio Designs and more from High Fidelity Cables. Then there’s this collection of outstanding Pass Labs gear. Even more First Watt amps are on trucks headed to chez moi, and way, way off in the distance, there’s a chance at something insane coming in from Zu Audio (fingers crossed)!

Yes, I’m glad you asked — it’s true, I’m still on the hunt for a low-power/high-sensitivity system. Hørning Eufrodite or Volti Vittora? Something else? No idea. However that falls out, however, I might have a strong lead on just the amp for the job: there’s something new coming from BorderPatrol and it sounds friggin’ perfect.

Another exciting bit — perhaps the most exciting bit — it looks like my first reviewer may be ready to step up and provide  some depth-of-bench. That’s gonna be sweet! I can’t wait.

I know I’m forgetting something, but for the life of me, I can’t recall what it is. That’s why they call it “forgetting”, I guess. Ah well.

Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! Looks like you’re going to be really busy for another 6 months to a year just with what you have coming in this next month. Congrats! Also, thanks again for the great review on my Symphonia 7R speakers. I’m glad I got them to you before the crazy rush of products you’ve got coming in now. Keep it fun.

    Jed K.
    Clearwave Loudspeaker Design

  2. May I put my vote in for the Horning line of speakers? I am not purchasing them as I am a Zu Guy, but I am quite curious what they are like. I do apologize for beating up You and TAS, but my wish is that you keep the flavor that your writing has. I suppose you could hate me for stating my feelings, but when I find something that I enjoy I want to keep it around as long as possible….Cheers.

  3. Congrats on working with TAS. Your writing style is unique and employs some humor yet maintains the facts that we all know is needed to keep people reading.

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