Reproductive Private Parts (of a phono cartridge)

At AXPONA this year, the resident wizard over at SoundSmith, Peter Ledermann, gave an entertainingly comprehensive talk on phono cartridges. Interestingly for such things, it assumed next to no prior knowledge — which means that even an idiot like yours truly was able to follow along.

So, want to know what makes a phono cartridge tick? Watch — and done.


  1. I appreciate your comment, but in his defense, Ross is a world class photographer and videographer. Unfortunately, the screen and projector got set up 30 seconds before my talk (it was actually a few minutes late due to late arrival of the projector./screen) and I was suprised to see how Ross got MOST of it with a ten second video camera setup. He is actually to be complimented – but I take your comments as a compliment, wanting to see everything I presented captured on the video.

    Peter Ledermann/Soundsmith

  2. This guy knows his stuff and he can put it over magnificently. Pity that we couldn’t see the monitor on many occasions. A good cameraman would have concentrated on a clear, sharp monitor and not on the person.

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