New York Audio Show starts tomorrow

Heading to NYC tomorrow for the New York Audio Show. It’s going to be a quite a show.

It’s also going to be somewhat fractured, which is odd. For the second year in a row, a lot of competing events are also occurring. Stereophile’s blog posts (and reader comments) on the show cover a lot of the details — and politics — of the current situation, so I’m not going to recover the ground here, other than to note how disappointing all that is.

I’m pretty psyched for this year’s show. The venue, the New York Palace, is pretty posh — hopefully the acoustics will be better than what we were able to get at the Waldorf. Fingers crossed.

The strength of this show appears to be in the “extra stuff” — check out all the seminars here (there’s a ton). And that’s not event the half of it. I’m getting the feeling that “Ye Olde Audio Show” just got a significant kick in the derriere — look for more audio shows to add “extra stuff” to draw in more attendees. Loving this!

Anyway, I’ll be the dude wandering around with the big bag, camera and long lenses. Feel free to say hi!

Show coverage will show up on The Absolute Sound, so look for that, there.


  1. unfortunately there was a lot of construction going on right outside of the hotel and if you happen to be in some of the great rooms at the 4th and 5th floor, the sounds of drilling, digging, etc interfered with auditioning some very good audio rigs…

  2. I’m sorry to see your show coverage going exclusively through TAS. I think your last major show coverage on TAS was a lot like the usual magazine coverage that you used to complain about here. It was very underwhelming overall, with some stuff if I remember correctly not even getting a single image, I guess because that doesn’t fit the TAS format.

    It’s really too bad, you used to be able to count on this site to provide some of the absolute best show coverage anywhere on the web. From now on I guess it will be more of the same old from TAS.

    • I hear you. I’d like to get back to doing shows “my way”, but haven’t worked out how to do that with TAS. I’m hoping they’ll be more flexible, but my approach is a bit new. FWIW, my show coverage did get 6 pages in the magazine, which isn’t nothing, but the number of photos wasn’t what I’d hoped for. Call it a work in progress.

  3. I’ll be heading up there myself. I’m passing up some local events that I normally would not consider missing, but I am really interested in this show. I do plan to attend some of the events, but I really want to hear a lot of gear of interest to me, that I would not have the chance to hear readily otherwise.

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