Quick Listen: DeVore Fidelity O/96

I don’t have permission to write about any of this yet, so I’m going to keep it brief and high-level until (or if) that get’s cleared, but–I can’t wait.

I  borrowed a pair of DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96 for a quick listen, as part of that whole, “I am obsessed with SET amps” thing I seem to be afflicted with. Anyway, I’m running them with an LM Audio 218A integrated I also borrowed, from a Da Vinci DAC from Light Harmonic (review forthcoming in TAS). Been running the pairing all day and I have this, extremely eloquent and adjective-filled report for you:


I’m working on making my responses more succinct, can you tell? I think this one pretty much nails it.

More soon, I hope.


  1. So, if you could only chose one speaker: the DeVore Gibbon X or the DeVore O/96, which would it be and why? You mentioned you thought the “X” was the best in show, was the O/96 not at the show? I’m currently rocking some Nines with a Leben CS600 and boy does it sounds sweet, and I feel like slapping myself for even considering an upgrade, but boy are those O’s sexy looking. Oh and they sound great too, I auditioned them with some Shindo gear in NYC, fantastic combo as well. I’d be interested in hearing you’re perspective as I figure the X’s would have more similarity with the Nines/Silverback then the O’s.

    • Well, I don’t think the Gibbon X is out yet, is it? If not, quick decision! If so, it depends more on what you listen to. I think the Gibbon is more all-around where the Orangs are very definitely “tube speakers”. Does that matter? Maybe. But I’m really liking the O/96, myself. Would probably be an easy decision for me, given how few newly-made, made-in-the-USA tube-speakers there are.

  2. How about the DeVores and Border Patrol? Now that is something I would like to hear myself!

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