Hifi Pig in Munich, Part 1

Stuart Smith over at Hifi Pig has “syndicated” (let us reference) his coverage of the High End Show in Munich. Many thanks for letting folks on the wrong side of the pond in on the action!

Hifi Pig have just spent the last few days at the Munich High End show which if you didn’t know is a huge show showcasing the whole gamut of Hifi available in the world today.


Our first of many show reports looks at the eight companies chosen by the High End society to represent the newcomers – or new kids on the block of the hifi world
Hifi Pig knows what it’s like to be a new company in the hifi world and so when we heard that the organisers of this years Munich High End show would be offering a handful of new hifi manufacturing companies the opportunity to display their wares we thought we would also lend our support by giving them a little more of the limelight in the pages of Hifi Pig.

 The companies chosen were: Pure Audio Project, Manufacture le Son, Rike Audio, Lab 12, Black Pearls Audio, Schuch Tronic, BeatOn and Erzetich Audio.

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