Hifi Pig in Munich, Part 9

Stuart Smith over at Hifi Pig has “syndicated” his coverage of the High End Show in Munich. Many thanks for letting folks on the wrong side of the pond in on the action!

We’ll come back to the main listening rooms in the next installment of the show report from Munich High End but in this part we’ll look at some of the exhibitors who had taken static stands and were not actually playing any music or we were unable to get a listen.

There is some stunning looking hifi equipment out there and for anyone interested the Munich show really is an Aladdin’s cave, although it has to be said an absolutely huge cave!


Symphonic Line

Here’s the Kraft 300 pure class A amplifier.


Taga were an interesting bunch of guys to talk to. I looked at the prices of their loudspeakers and had to ask if this was correct – they were so low. The company builds all its loudspeakers in China in a purpose built factory and it has to be said that you seem to get a whole lot of loudspeaker for your money. They also look to be very well finished.


Here’s the Taga F80 (left) which retails at €708 a pair. It’s a 4 way with 5 drivers and a sideways firing bass driver.

This picture (right) shows the company’s TAV 606 V3 and its matching sub from their Audio Video Series.



Soulution is a Swiss company building cost no object hifi with clean and simple lines – we liked the aesthetics a lot! The SACD player is €22 800, the 520 preamplifier is €17 000, the 530 Integrated is €36 000, the 501 monoblocs are €17 000 each and the USB interface is €2378.



Danish company Raidho showed us their C-3.1 loudspeaker which retails at €29 498. It’s a great looking rear ported design with ceramic mid and bass drivers and a ribbon tweeter.

Bel Canot

Bel Canto

Here you have from top to bottom the CD2, C7R, 3VB Pre and C5i all from the company’s One series with the CD 3t at the very bottom. It’s very stylish looking kit and well displayed.

Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch

I have a lot of time for Wilson Benesch as they are determined to ensure that their innovative products remain made in Sheffield in the UK. Carl on the stand was a really nice guy who took a good deal of time out to chat with us.

More pics over at HiFi Pig!