Newport News — Super MMG? A note from Magnepan!

Got a note today from Wendell Diller of Magnepan. Guess what? Magnepan is launching a new loudspeaker at Newport! If you’re going to be in town for the big to-do, be sure to swing by the Atrium Hotel to get your ears on.

Announcement after the fold. 

Dear Press Member,

You may not have heard about the New MMG. We have been quietly shipping our first upgrade since the MMG was introduced in 1995. The price is still $599 pair.

At the Newport show, Magnepan will introduce the Super MMG—a 3-piece system which includes a bass panel for $1,199. We think there is a good chance it will win the award of “Best Cheap Speaker for 2013”.

The Super MMG is designed to work together as a system. And the speakers are only available as a system with the option to return all or part of the system during the 60-day home trial.

So, what does the Super MMG have to offer over the New MMG? Well….. better bass, mid-range and highs. You want more than that? We go easy on the superlatives. I like to say that we under-sell and over-deliver. High value, made in American with virtually all American parts—-what a concept!

An additional bass panel can be added for a total of $1,750 for the 4-piece system.

Magnepan will be demonstrating in Room 221 of the Atrium [at the T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach]. Please identify yourself to my wife, Galina, who will be taking reservations.

Wendell Diller
Marketing Mgr.