High-Fidelity.com Is Now Online

Atlanta, GA, USA – June 3, 2013 – The myriad throngs of audiophile and music-enthusiast sites available over the internet is dizzying, and trying to stay informed about interesting articles regarding products, music, and events is a very daunting – if not impossible – task for the casual enthusiast.

20-year industry veteran Chris Sommovigo has now launched a new website that serves to aggregate links from review and enthusiast websites from around the world and bring them to a single-paged destination on the web: www.High-Fidelity.com.

“I’m hoping to keep it interesting and fun, and to work symbiotically with audiophile and music sites from around the globe by directing traffic their way. Meanwhile, we’re finding great stories about products that our readers might find interesting – and might not know are out there. It’s intended to be a very positive situation for everyone.” Some of the links that originate in non-English-language websites are directed through Google’s translation service, helping the English-reader to enjoy and profit from the information in the articles.

One aspect of the site may, however, prove to be somewhat controversial: the Free Classifieds section. But Mr. Sommovigo feels that this is an excellent way to add value to his service:

“The internet has always been an increasingly-democratizing instrument, forcing shifts in paradigms in so many areas – especially in commerce – because it creates a very inexpensive way of providing certain kinds of services to a broad spectrum of people. Thanks to the open-architecture of various blog platforms, software-engineering entrepreneurs are providing solutions that extend the capability of these platforms. We found a really nice one for classified ads and decided to make the service completely free of charge, and we intend to keep it completely free.”

While this may rustle a few feathers, Mr. Sommovigo and the folks at High-Fidelity.com feel that this is just a natural and unavoidable consequence of the ever-evolving digital lifestyle. “Digital has always been a two-edged sword because it makes its advantages available to everyone inexpensively. It’s up the entrepreneurs to discover ways of employing those advantages creatively, and hopefully for the good of the many instead of just the few. We intend our aims for the good of the many audio enthusiasts around the world.”

High-Fidelity.com invites manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and publications to submit a 300 x 150px (w x h) banner for inclusion on the site, free until August 31. Starting September 1, they will be charging a quite modest rate for their banner-ads, which are always in random rotation to ensure good visibility-distribution.

Chris Sommovigo
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/HighFidelityMedia
Atlanta, GA
(678) 528 8077


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