Rogue Audio announces Pharaoh and Stereo 100

Rogue Audio Pharaoh integrated amplifier

Two announcements from the Rogue Audio team.

Say hello to the Pharaoh, a $3,495 hybrid tube/solid-state fully integrated (with phono!) amplifier with 175wpc of output.

Rogue Audio Stereo 100 (ST-100)

Also new is the Stereo 100, a stereo amplifier leveraging KT 100 tubes and can push 100wpc. Price is $3,495 but can be had for $2,995 for a special introductory offer.

Check out Rogue Audio for more details.

Rogue does nice work. I, personally, own a Cronus Audio Magnum and an Ares phono state. Tubes and aluminum — how can you go wrong?