System Two: BorderPatrol Arrives

About 3 years ago at the first Capital AudioFest, I got my first chance at see and hear BorderPatrol gear. Last year, I got to spend some “quality time” with them and Living Voice loudspeakers. And over the last year, I’ve had a couple more opportunities to visit with BorderPatrol‘s Gary Dews and his amplifiers.

I suppose this qualifies as a rather long sales cycle. 

Anyway, you might remember that I’ve been looking for a new system for a while now. Not a replacement. A supplement. For lack of a better phrase, I’ve been calling it System Two. And I thought that, for this one, something different would be just the ticket. Something … single-ended.

Of course, that all depended on the system, more specifically, it would entirely depend on finding a loudspeaker that would actually play well with a tube amp — much less a single-ended tube amp. That’s harder than it sounds, and it’s been something I’ve been wrestling with for a long while. It wasn’t until I got a chance to spend some time with DeVore Fidelity’s Orangutan O/96 loudspeakers that I discovered sensitivity, tone, imaging and deep bass all wrapped up in a very attractive package.

With speaker selection done, it was time to add an amp and pre — and given all my recent experience with Gary and his product line, selecting BorderPatrol was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

I took delivery of the S10 EXD stereo amplifier and a “matching” Control Unit EXT-1 on Monday. Together with a Silver Circle Tchaik 6 power conditioner, power cords from Triode Wire Labs, and speaker cables and interconnects from MG Audio Designs, I have a second system. Boy-howdy, do I.

Hee hee!

More soon.

BorderPatrol S10 amplifier with dual-mono external PSU

BorderPatrol Control Unit EXT-1 with external PSU
External PSUs for the S10 EXD stereo amplifier