Audiophile Stories

Everyone has an “audiophile story”. Most of you are audiophile stories. But whatever. I’m just guessing here, but I’d hazard that most of you have an image tucked into your metaphorical back pocket about that time your kids lit up about something you were playing on your stereo — or completely failed to. Or the time that dinner party degenerated into a Journey sing-along (okay, maybe that was just me). Or that time the power tube went purple and sheets of flame shot up six feet in the air while your infant twins grinned and pointed from their playpen, hooting the word “hot!” over and over (okay, maybe that’s just me, too).

But whatever the circumstances, that’s part of the audiophile thing, too. In many ways, that’s perhaps more real. Yeah, we’re “all about the music”, blah blah blah. But, I submit, that even the most hardcore ‘phile out there, once they pulled their head from their rectum and the reverb from the giant sucking sound faded out, even they would have a tale to tell.

And that’s what I want to capture. Want to share?

Let’s call these “Audiophile Stories”, a new, some-time, series here on the site. No, we’re not replacing anything and yes, there will still be screeds and shows and product examinations, but perhaps you could say that maybe a little humanity would be fun to read, too.

So, if you got ’em, send ’em on.