CAF 2013: The Voice That Is, Part 2


Doug White’s second room featured his monster TIDAL Audio Sunrays, with TIDAL electronics, a Bricasti DAC, an Aurender source, all wired up with Purist Audio 25th Anniversary cabling. Also from Purist Audio, a prototype passive power distribution system (est $2,000, without power cord) was tucked into the corner.

Hoe-lee guacamole, Batman. “Stunning” doesn’t even start to cover it.






  1. I am sure it’s hard to get a speaker dialed in at a show, maybe not the speakers fault.

  2. Major low frequency standing waves, so they smartly later favored vocal material, which was phenomenal. These guys are pros though and did the best they could with the hand dealt and consistently put together a classy room. Better luck next year guys -and bring bass traps!

  3. Amazing to look at, and amazing in what it reproduced! If I had to pick a nit, I’d wish for a bit more meat at the bottom end … but overall just stunning sound.

  4. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the Aurender W20 vs the S10, if you have the opportunity. I have not seen any W20 reviews or user comments yet.

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