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CAF 2013: Robert Lighton New York (updated!)

20130727-110502.jpg Robert Lighton was Audio Note-ing it today, with $85k Kegon mono blocs, a $50k M8 pre-amp, and a $11k S8 step-up. A vintage Thorens TD124 turntable carried an Audio Note tonearm with VX silver wire and an Io Gold cart. And then there were the speakers: a pair of stand-mounted RL8 Monitors. Finished in solid mahogany, the 94dB sensitive speakers have a big 8" woofer. Price, with stands, is $11,800. The vintage large-format Chamonix was most definitely NFS.






2 Comments on CAF 2013: Robert Lighton New York (updated!)

  1. The prices in this room were a joke, sound was borderline awful as well.

    • I didn’t see anyone laughing. A joke? I concur on the sound. I don’t believe the electronics was the culprit! IMHO.

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