CAF 2013: Triode Wire Labs, Swap Meet Audio, GT Audio Works, Kanso Furniture


Triode Pete was showing off the brand new Triode Wire Labs “American Speaker Cable” ($499/pair) on Greg Takesh’s GT Audio Works GTA 2 hybrid planar speakers. The GTA 2 ($6,495/pair) is a total rework, all hardwood with integrated subs, and is a huge advance in sound quality. We just need to get these bad boys some room to breathe!

All the electronics sat on a rack and platforms from Kanso Furniture. A pair of Arion hybrid amps, a Dodd Audio battery-operated pre, a Miracle Audio Phonatic phono pre, a Pi Audio Uberbuss power conditioner, and a Kuzma turntable, rounded out the picture.

Nice sound in here, in a sharp looking package. I like the new look on the GTA speakers — with integrated subs (as opposed to outboard floaters like we saw last year), room matching is simply far easier.





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  1. I thought the sound for the money was pretty good in this room. However It was kinds woodsy looking, as far as looks count in a system.
    Not a criticism just a purely personal view.

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