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CAF 2013: Volti Audio (updated)

20130727-134037.jpg 20130727-134052.jpg Check out that beautiful red gum finish on Greg Roberts' Volti Vittora loudspeaker ($17,500), with a pair of matching subwoofers ($2,500 each) ... Mmm, mmm, delish. This brand new set is already sold to a happy show goer. Rats! And I was so hoping to swipe 'em .... The tall Aluras were throwing a tremendous soundstage into the generously-sized room, with dynamics and enough bass punch to work as a pacemaker. Ska-doosh. A BorderPatrol parallel SE 300b amp and a Wells Audio stereo amp were alternating duty, with an EMM Labs front end.









5 Comments on CAF 2013: Volti Audio (updated)

  1. Schley Mckee // August 1, 2013 at 9:12 AM //

    The speakers looked beautiful this year, looks like they have upgraded their woodwork???
    Sounded big and powerful!

  2. Jon Archer // July 30, 2013 at 2:38 AM //

    First thing that risks breaking my “nothing is worth more than $10k for audio gear” rule. Every year the Vittoras look and sound better – in part because each year he has better associated gear and room. I would take a pair of these over an original pair of klipsch la Scala any day. They are better in every way. It’s more than a pair of speakers. This guy is half Chippendale, half Stradivari. Bravo!

  3. I have to say that I had zero idea that Red Gum would look so stunning on a pair of speakers. I should know by no that Greg always makes everything come alive:)

  4. Harland // July 27, 2013 at 2:52 PM //

    Have to say this was a great sounding setup. The high sensitivity really allowed the Aluras to produce high dynamics without congestion. That bass packs quite a wallop – you can really feel it in your gut, yet it was still articulate and integrated well with the midrange and treble. I might have to go back and have a listen on Sunday!

  5. A fantastic room. I remember the first Capital Audio Show, which may have been the 1st showing (?) of Volti Speakers. I think the price then was somewhere in the ballpark of 6G-8G, with some kind of show special throw in. Should have both a pair! They sounded good then (under less than ideal conditions), they sound even better now. A gorgeous looking and sounding system. Someone got a very nice buy.

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