CAF 2013: Kanso Furniture

I don’t think there’s anyone in high-end audio that gets less air time than a furniture maker. This is a shame — some of that stuff is every bit as arty, bespoke, and gorgeous as the gear sitting on it.

Which is why it’s fun to run across a totally in-your-face “demo” of nothing but furniture.

Kanso Furniture‘s Aaron Hoffman set up his display pretty much right in the way. Which is a nice reversal — now, it was impossible to overlook it.

Aaron does some solid work. Har har, get it? “Solid”? Oh, never mind. Anyway, what may at first look to be pretty and well-crafted turns out to be wicked-clever and extremely intricate work. Shelves are dense, and typically include mass-loading designs with stout metal inserts and constrained-layer dampening. Shelves are isolated and the entire construction is itself isolated. There are lots of options to choose from, including some “floating” LP shelves.

Aaron’s piece show a very high level of craftsmanship. Prices vary, but given the level of design, fit and finish, lowballers bargain hunters may need to keep looking. 


  1. This stuff looked pretty nice and the wall hanging rack is exactly what I need for my turntable!
    The owner is a nice fellow.

  2. Just to clarify.
    Mark White is making it seem both of us are really older than we are. Mark and I have known each other since we were in early grade school; so 50 years knowing each other doesn’t make us all that old. I just got a chuckle out of it on first reading. We’re both young men!
    Mark was instrumental in helping me at the Newport Beach Show this year. He drove down from Sacramento to help me out.
    Sorry Mark, but I just had to clarify the fact that we’re both still young…LOL.

  3. Knowing Aaron for nearly 50 years, I can attest to his craftsmanship and audiophile knowledge of acoustical isolation of components. You have to see his workmanship to truly appreciate what he can create. His show pieces are exemplary, but you should know that there are nearly an infinite number of options you have in terms of the racks (including various exotic woods and finishes) he can create. Give him a call and discuss your needs and I think you will be supremely pleased with what he can do for you.

  4. This is appropriately named “audio furniture.” It’s gorgeous stuff, not only well engineered but well crafted. This guy is on to something. He told me he used to be a fine homebuilder and has an advanced degree in physics, so his work lies at the central intersection of science and art. Very high spouse acceptance factor to boot.

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