CAF 2013: Kanso Furniture

I don’t think there’s anyone in high-end audio that gets less air time than a furniture maker. This is a shame — some of that stuff is every bit as arty, bespoke, and gorgeous as the gear sitting on it.

Which is why it’s fun to run across a totally in-your-face “demo” of nothing but furniture.

Kanso Furniture‘s Aaron Hoffman set up his display pretty much right in the way. Which is a nice reversal — now, it was impossible to overlook it.

Aaron does some solid work. Har har, get it? “Solid”? Oh, never mind. Anyway, what may at first look to be pretty and well-crafted turns out to be wicked-clever and extremely intricate work. Shelves are dense, and typically include mass-loading designs with stout metal inserts and constrained-layer dampening. Shelves are isolated and the entire construction is itself isolated. There are lots of options to choose from, including some “floating” LP shelves.

Aaron’s piece show a very high level of craftsmanship. Prices vary, but given the level of design, fit and finish, lowballers bargain hunters may need to keep looking.