CAF 2013: Command Performance Presents Raidho, Hegel, VPI (updated)

I’ve heard them half a dozen times, in as many different rooms, and the thing that practically leaps out at me each time is how much bass energy the “little” Raidho D-1 (pricing starts at $22,500) puts into the room. This is “have to hear it to believe it” stuff.

Squatting at the top of the rack was a VPI Classic 4 in a give-it-to-me rosewood finished plinth ($12,000, as configured). Two tone arms? Well, of course! How else would you do it? Here, there was a big 12″ 3-D printed JMW and a another “regular” JMW ‘arm, and they came with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze ($2,199) and a Lyra Kleos ($3,000).

A custom Command Performance “Command PC Premier”, with an outboard triple linear PSU, did source duty, here matched up with the new Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC ($5,000).

A wealth of Hegel electronics stuffed the rack, spilling across the floor like a philosophical wave of audio goodness. Har har. The big H30 amplifier ($15k) drove the speakers and was matched to a P30 pre ($7,500) , as well as a CDP2A Mk II player ($2,650). Audia Flight made its debut at Command with an FL phono pre ($6,000) and a nifty-looking integrated, the FL One ($5,000). What you got, during the show, depended on when you showed … me, I got me some Hegel.

What else was in there?

Lots of cables, obviously. New-to-me brand Ansuz Signalz speaker cables, interconnects and power cords were, I believe, woven between some Au24 SE cables and powerChords from Audience. An Audience aR12-TSS conditioner, with cord ($12,195), did distro/filter duties.


  1. Love the Raidho’s, I thought this was a good match with the Hegel. Maybe better than the last time I heard them at the Montreal show. All in all super expensive but nice none the less.

  2. Hi Scott,
    How would you compare the sound of the Raidho D1s to the Joseph Pulsars (especially in regards to resolution & low end bass extension?

      • No doubt. Pulsars are the more romantic choice. Raidho is the hot young Scandinavian chic. Joseph Audio the mellifluous young Italian soprano. You want both, but your very lucky if you can ever have 10 minutes or more with either.

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