CAF 2013: Command Performance Presents Raidho, Hegel, VPI (updated)

I’ve heard them half a dozen times, in as many different rooms, and the thing that practically leaps out at me each time is how much bass energy the “little” Raidho D-1 (pricing starts at $22,500) puts into the room. This is “have to hear it to believe it” stuff.

Squatting at the top of the rack was a VPI Classic 4 in a give-it-to-me rosewood finished plinth ($12,000, as configured). Two tone arms? Well, of course! How else would you do it? Here, there was a big 12″ 3-D printed JMW and a another “regular” JMW ‘arm, and they came with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze ($2,199) and a Lyra Kleos ($3,000).

A custom Command Performance “Command PC Premier”, with an outboard triple linear PSU, did source duty, here matched up with the new Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC ($5,000).

A wealth of Hegel electronics stuffed the rack, spilling across the floor like a philosophical wave of audio goodness. Har har. The big H30 amplifier ($15k) drove the speakers and was matched to a P30 pre ($7,500) , as well as a CDP2A Mk II player ($2,650). Audia Flight made its debut at Command with an FL phono pre ($6,000) and a nifty-looking integrated, the FL One ($5,000). What you got, during the show, depended on when you showed … me, I got me some Hegel.

What else was in there?

Lots of cables, obviously. New-to-me brand Ansuz Signalz speaker cables, interconnects and power cords were, I believe, woven between some Au24 SE cables and powerChords from Audience. An Audience aR12-TSS conditioner, with cord ($12,195), did distro/filter duties.