CAF 2013: Kevin Kemp Audio with Soundfield Audio (updated!)

AJ was displaying his brand-new VSF-T1 ($3,500/pr), with open-baffle/opposing dual 12″ subs with a 300wpc integrated plate amp to drive them. Up top are dual 8″ (60hz-1kHz), a planar magnetic horn (1kHz-15kHz), which hands off to a ribbon super tweeter (up to 40kHz).

Kevin brought a cartload of gear from Audience, including a Wavemaster pre ($13k) on a AR-TS power conditioner ($5k), with Wavepower monos ($15k/pair) on a pair of AR6-TSS power conditioners ($6k each). Audience AU-24se cables with AU-24 power cords used throughout.

Tight, punchy, bass with air and sparkle? That’s a hallmark of Soundfield. It’s hilarious how the room pressurized. Sha-zam!


  1. Scott, appreciate the comments and you stopping in, as always.
    I’ll be the first to admit that they did not sound their best on Friday, as I first arrived at the hotel at 1:30am Friday morning! The Thursday trip from FL was extended for several hours by the (unexpected, to me) I95 construction in VA.
    Kevin and I basically assembled and threw together the room/system Friday morning between 8:30-10. Turned it on about 3 minutes before the first attendee walked in at 10:05.
    We actually re-arranged the entire room Saturday and tweaked the system/positioning (the bass is active and adjustable). That is when Scott heard them.
    Thanks to all who attended, I thought it was a very good show.

    best regards

  2. Agree with Harland, bass was completely disconnected from the rest of the sound and lacking any tonality. Midrange was ok, to even good at times. And the top end lacked any refinement, not a very good effort overall.

  3. I stopped briefly in this room and wasn’t terribly impressed. The subwoofers were overpowering and the low bass lacked definition. I hope they played around with positioning because I felt it wasn’t exactly sounding its best Friday afternoon.

  4. I was amazed by the (low) price of these speakers, which are packed with features (I know, features do not a speaker make, but here they did). Just don’t think a prospective owner is going to back up $3500 worth of speaker with $35,000 worth of electronics.

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