CAF 2013: SVS

Gary Yacoubian and the crew from SVS put on something a little different from the crowd at CAF. And at 9am on Sunday morning (an hour before the show opened), with yours truly toting an increasingly reluctant pair of six-year olds, a home theater setup was exactly what the doctor ordered. And since I’m the doctor, I should know. Tron Legacy might have been a bit over the top for their level of innocence, but what the hey, Dad is great, and anything I can do to secure their undying adoration, I’m all for it.

Some years ago (six, I think), I bought my SVS subwoofer, a hulking behemoth wrapped in a cherry veneer, a pair of 12″ drivers and a massive plate amp. I love that thing. Talk about pressurizing a room — hell, that thing can pressurize my whole house. Anyway, I’m familiar with the brand — and last year, the team introduced a new line of loudspeakers, the Ultras. The mains run for $999 each, the center is $699, and the surrounds are $599 each. Add a couple of subwoofers, and you’ve got mesmerization.

The sound quality was quite good, and as a home theater, this was really fun. Nice stop on the circuit!

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  1. You mentioned hearing the mains in a home theater setting at the show. Would those mains something you would seek out to hear in a 2 channel set up or does it seem like their gig is more the HT set up?

    Thanks for the great site!

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