CAF 2013: HiFi Logic Presents Audio Space, Music First Audio, Wells Audio, Resonessence Labs

Koby Koranteng of HiFi Logic put on a great room and a great show. The Audio Space Reference 3.1 300b ($4,000) integrated is a truly spectacular-looking piece of kit and just sounds fabulous with the “matching” Audio Space LS3/5A w/ SW-1 subwoofer ($2,890). Several Music First Audio Baby Reference ($6990) passive preamplifiers were strategically scattered about for your viewing pleasure, with the big red one doing to the actually honors (it’s my favorite color of the bunch). A Wells Audio Innamorata ($6,500) amplifier provided some alternatives, and the Miracle Audio Phonomatic ($5,200) helped out with the Project 2-Xperience Basic+ ($1,000) turntable. A Jaton CD1000 ($4,600) CD player rounded out the audio picture. Zu Audio cabling with Kaplan Audio power cords and speaker jumpers were matched to an Audience aR6-T ($5,000) power conditioner … and for gear, that’s all she wrote.

Tunes in here were dark and soulful. This was the “intense tone” room  at the show, and with Koby’s unflappably easy-going manner, this was also one of the most popular destinations on each of my tours through the floor. This was reach-out-and-touch it sound, with solid base, great imaging, and real texture. I’m still surprised at what Koby was able to coax out of those little Audio Space speakers. Nice work!