California Audio Show starts Friday

The California Audio Show starts this Friday out in San Francisco — you got your tickets yet?

I love California, and San Fran particularly. The ocean, the balmy weather, all the delicious eats — and yes, I like the fog. You don’t have to love it (you have my permission to be weird like that), but I most definitely do, and if it weren’t one of the most expensive places on Earth to live, my family and I would have been there about fifteen years ago.

Anyway, this will mark the fourth annual outing for Constantine Soo and crew. The lineup at the SFO Westin is gonna be impressive, with a slew of brands that don’t hit the “regular circuit”, so this will be a spectacular  time to catch: Tannoy, Zu Audio, Von Schweikert, Acoustic Zen, Fritz Audio, Legacy Audio, Sumiko and Audio Physic — and Pass Labs, Wyred4Sound, VTL, and Music First Audio. The HeadMasters headphone event, something that seems to be a growing presence at these audio shows of late, will see gear from Burson, Woo Audio, Audeze, Astell&Kern, Mr Speakers and Schiit. Oh, and that’s just a random sampling — there are tons more. I also heard a rumor that ASC will be rolling in a truck full of acoustic bass traps — expect to see a ton of tube traps — and with some luck, the demo rooms will actually use them. Ahem.

Part-Timers Malachi and Kirsten will be filling in for Yours Truly, who is trapped on the East Coast this week, and filing their joint and separate reports forthwith. If you see them, he’s the one with dark hair and hers is light. Helpful? No? Well, they may be wearing some new Part-Time Audiophile shirts. If you seen them, send me a photo — and I’ll post it here!