CAS 2013: Linn (The Other Linn)

CAS4Not Scottish At All, Linn Audio Loudspeakers was in attendance showcasing their $60,000 per pair Athenaum speakers with the same Pass and Sony electronics that they used in Newport. These claim 30hz to 20khz from a very traditional two-way design, and they seem to be a respectable manifestation of the old Altec Iconic spirit.

Interestingly, Linn seems to have made arrangements for amplifier obsessives. While the standard setup offers a 97db sensitivity, Linn has provided for multiple biamping scenarios, including fully active crossovers.


  1. Dale, I agree with you, but maybe it is easier to sell 2 @ $60G ($120G) than 6 at $20G? Don’t know but it could be easier to sell as an ultra-high end “exclusive” than a more common “mass” product (which would require a lot more marketing, sales network, etc).

  2. How some companies come to value their products so freaking highly…..another ported woofer with a plastic horn upper register…..$60,000…..seriously?

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