CAS 2013: Loggie Audio presents YG Acoustics

CAS4This room was one that I heard a lot about from other attendees and, in fact, my young waiter at the bar as well. After fielding inquiries about what, exactly, we were all here for (“Is it like, car audio?”), my husband and I encouraged him to go check out some of the rooms while he was on break. The next day, we spotted him popping from room to room, looking a little self-conscious. “Heard anything you like?” “Oh man… Those one speakers, the YGs? Those were great!” Apparently he made it through the first and second floors and part of the third before he needed to go back to work slinging beers for us audiophiles. Not bad, my friend!

SF dealer Loggie Audio‘s room featured the YG Acoustic Sonja 1.2 speakers ($72,000), Ypsilon Aleius mono amplifiers ($36,000), and the Ypsilon PST 100 MKII preamp ($38,000). Digital was provided by the Esoteric P-02 transport ($23,500), the Esoteric D-02 DAC ($23,500), and the Esoteric G-01 Master Clock ($23,000). Harmoic Resolution provided the rack ($4,495), amp stands ($1,895), and isolation platforms ($1,895). Cabling was by A.R.T.

My first impression when I entered the room bright and early on Friday morning was that the sound was super tight and filled the ballroom very well. The bass was nicely weighty, with a great mid-range, but there was something slightly mechanical or congested in the upper mid-range. This was explained somewhat when I learned that everything in the room was brand spankin’ new and the speakers had only had a few days to break in. And indeed, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was willing to bow to my waiter’s opinion: this is some truly great hi-fi sound.


    • You know, I actually don’t know anything about that product, much to my chagrin. Apparently I was too distracted by the rest of the system. I’ve put in an email to Loggie Audio to see if they can shed some light.

    • While we’re waiting for some official word, I’m pretty sure that was a VH Audio Plasmatron power condition from Chris VenHaus (of V-Cap fame).

    • I heard from Robin at Loggie Audio this morning, who says:

      “It is indeed a tubed power conditioner. However I can’t reveal anything about it as it will be introduced at RMAF for its premier. Interested CA customers may audition it at Loggie Audio now though.”

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