CAS 2013: Affirm Audio and High Fidelity Cables

CAS4This unique room, hosted by the affable Robert Spence of Affirm Audio and the garrulous Rick Schultz of High Fidelity Cables, showcased Affirm Audio‘s Immersion loudspeakers ($20,000) and High Fidelity Cables’ new wares. Amplification was from the Luminance Audio KST-150 amp ($3,000), and the ExaSound E20 Mark II DAC ($2,899).

The system and made use of some unique new cables and prototype power treatment from High Fidelity. According to my notes, the Wave Guide 3 power conditioner will likely retail for $10,000. The Ultimate Reference interconnects and speaker cables are also forthcoming, but according to my notes, the speaker cable will likely retail at $12,900/meter, and the interconnects at $8,500/meter. According to High Fidelity’s website, these particular cables contain magnets, and “use magnetism to keep the electrical signal flow aligned and to minimize the random pathways for electrons within and along the conductor.” Right then. All I can really tell you for sure is that they seem to be well-constructed, but Mr. Schultz tells me that there are several sets out for review, so I’m sure I’ll be hearing more about these cables soon.

The Immersion speakers make use of 6.5″ coaxial soft dome tweeters, and the cases are backloaded bass horns. The result is that the mid-range adn bass are big, real-sounding, and immediate down to about 50Hz. I found the demo track from Angus & Julia Stone to be a touch spitty in the treble, but the texture of the bass was excellent.

I’m afraid I skipped out on the proffered demonstration of the Essence of Music CD cleaning fluid ($149.95), developed by Robert Spence. When it comes to essences, I try to limit my indulgence to distilled water, rainwater, and pure grain alcohol.


  1. I’ve seen $3,000 speakers at audio shows powered by $20,000 amplifiers (those speakers will never sound the same at home), but never $20,000 speakers powered by a $3,000 amp. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I am complaining about the price of the speaker cords. Tell me that $12,900 is a misprint–please.

    • I believe the good Mr. Schultz is a principal in Luminence Audio as well as being the mastermind behind the cables. I won’t swear to the pricing, if only because these things haven’t quite hit full release.

      I also won’t swear to the pricing because I have a tendency to spit coffee out my nose when cable pricing is discussed. I suspect we mis-heard the “per meter” part of the cable pricing. I hope we mis-heard it. I expect Mr. Schultz will offer a correction if we’re too off base.

      But, honestly, my brain just says “BIGNUM DOLLARS” when confronted by a cable that costs more than I spent on my car.

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