CAS 2013: Salk Signature Sound

CAS4Forum favorite Jim Salk (of Salk Signature Sound) brought two pairs of speakers to the show, his Soundscape 8 ($7995) and Veracity ST ($4195). The source was the superb Auralic Vega DAC fed by Salk’s own Salk Stream Player ($1295). Amplification came from the usual Salk dance partner, Audio by Van Alstine, in the form of their hybrid Fet Valve 600R Amplifier ($3499).

The sound on our brief visit was mesmerizingly clean. The Soundscape 8 and Fet Valve pair had an easy authority that rivaled some of the best at the show. We intended to get back to this room to listen more, but the constant press of people made that difficult. We decided that more potential customers should hear these speakers (sold direct) than two freshman show reporters. Jim Salk is, after all, a forum favorite. People hardly need us to sing his praises. What they really need is to hear these things.

The one caveat I have is that the speakers on display had an extra $4000 worth of lickable veneer work. They were Jim Salk’s personal pair, and they were simply breathtaking. That bit of style doesn’t affect the performance, but Salk’s woodwork is so magnificent that I suspect potential customers will be sorely tempted to break open their piggy banks.

This was one of the most delightful, relaxing rooms at the show. I will warn you now that I will fight for a seat in front of Salk’s work at RMAF.