RMAF 2013 Teaser, Part 1

This show is the Mega Mother of the Regionals, and now, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is celebrating its 10th annual extravaganza.

On tap, there will be 5,285 rooms and one BAZILLION vendors all jammed like a cargo container-sized tin of fresh sardines served up fresh and cold on the icy bed of the Marriott Tech Center. I’m told we can expect $1,000 power cords to rain from the sky on Saturday night! It’s gonna be awesome!

Okay, maybe there’s not going to be that many rooms — but the power cord thing is totally legit.

For those of you that haven’t been, I can only say this — RMAF is insane. There’s simply no way to actually visit all the rooms for more than 2 minutes each, so just get over it. My best recommendation is to come with a serious game plan — go check out the floor plan (you can get that here) and make a short list of must-see rooms. Then, hit those first. After that, plan some food, some live music — Doug MacLeod will be performing several times during the weekend — and a visit to whatever those folks waiting in line for the elevators are gushing about. See? Simple.

Organizer Marjorie has a bit of a cheat-sheet available for those of you looking for a quick list of “interesting bits” over at the “Show Specials” page, so feel free to check that out. Discounts, new stuff, freebies and more — oh my!

Another bit of awesomeness at RMAF is the CanJam — the headphone segment is blowing up, so this is a particularly awesome time to hang up those beat-to-shit Beats by Dre headphones and check out how much better your money can buy you. In fact, Jude the Head Head-Fi’er himself has a 30 minute video showing off some of the sweet meats that’ll be served up hot to the hungry hordes.

All ’round, this year looks like a record breaker, which is interesting on several levels. One, isn’t this industry supposed to be dying out? Two, aren’t there “too many audio shows” on the calendar? Three, will Denver be totally washed away or buried under snow this year? Good questions, all.

Me? I’m bringing an extra-large bag for all those freebie power cords. Laugh all you want, but just you wait till I try and get them all past the airport security scanners and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

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