RMAF 2013: Say hello to Denver


First ever group shot: Michael Mercer, Brian Hunter, Mal Kenny and Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney ready to hit the streets halls for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

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Day One: large crowds — huge — right at the open. Halls had good foot traffic, with relatively light wait-times for good seating and prime eavesdropping opportunities.

Saturday is going to be a complete mess, I’m guessing.

There’s over 160+ rooms here at the Marriott. And there are two other hotels with demos. WTF!?!?

Rocky Mountain, at 10, is a monster show. Not for the faint of heart, weak of foot, or dainty of spirit. She’s a brick … HOUSE ….


Yes, that’s me and Frank Schroeder (Mr Tonearm) getting our hip-thrust on. Dave Slagle gets in on the action, below.


Some pints with Roy Gregory (far left) with Gary, Pete and Greg.


Dave and Mal, Gary Gill far left.


The English Contingent: Gary Dews, Jill, Guy Sergeant and Pete.


Milling about at the Thai Orchid.


I’m starving — so I started staring at the awesome stoves they got behind the bar at the Thai Orchid.


Gary Dews, probably telling us why IPA blows.


Greg Roberts (Volti Audio) gets stabilized by Mal.