Athens 2013: Brodmann, Absoluta, Hanss, Ikeda


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Are you into classic music? Always dreamed about a theater-like sound? Maybe you have a recital class gran coda piano in your listening room? If so, you must check the Brodmann speakers. Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria, with a fit ‘n finish very much like the piano’s that Brodmann creates since the early 19th century and driven by the gorgeous Absoluta Partenope hybrid integrated amplifier the V7 speakers made me feel like listening to Oistrakh playing Beethoven’s violin concerto live and not from the Pathe’ Marconi record.

Hanss model T-60 turntable fitted with Ikeda’s IT407CR1 (long) tonearm and matching Ikeda Kai moving coil cartridge provided an amazing analog front end with both Hanss PA-30 and Absoluta’s internal phono stage.

Sound was dynamic with massive bass and the widest-highest sound stage one can imagine. We are talking full immersion here. The one that you get when sitting in the very first rows of an auditorium with a fully deployed symphonic orchestra slamming you in the face.





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