Athens 2013: Einstein, Acapella, Pluto Audio


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

I know I should be writing about the fabulous Acapella Violon in stunning red cherry color or the excellent electronics made by Einstein, but I am completely biased towards analog reproduction and in the same room I had the chance to listen to the all new 12 A Luxury turntable (price to be determined) with matching 6 A Titanium tonearm by Pluto Audio.

Eddy (AKA Mr Pluto) is a living legend in analog design and brings terms such as “craftsmanship” and “precision engineering” to a different level. He started back in 1974 with a tonearm design and later added turntables and everything regarding analog (we had a great chat in Dutchglish regarding his new record clamp).

For the record, the cartridge was Clearaudio Titanium V2, while Einstein provided “The Preamp”, “The Poweramp”, “The Source” and “The Little Big Phono” which I leave in your imagination to guess what each does.


My listening session took place in the morning of the second day and I cannot think of a more suitable composition to start my day with than the “Diary of Dreams” by Stavros Lantsias (limited production LP by Argo music, highly recommended). The Ion tweeter and spheric horn literally blossomed, though a small doubt started raising in my mind. High efficiency horn-loaded speakers always work miracles with small ensembles, but what about hardcore classical music?

Andrea, Director Manger of importer Orpheus Audio came in the rescue with a brand new Speaker’s Corner reprint of Holsts Planets (Mehta/Decca). I had to bite my tongue after only a few seconds of Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity, just for thinking this system as possibly incapable of large scale music.

Great turntable with a great system, my ticket to heaven.