Athens 2013: Geometric Harmony, Tsakiridis Devices, Lab 12


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

In every national AV show, “native” designers have the chance to showcase their products for the local community of aficionados. This was the system that impressed me the most among the domestic ones and definitely deserves some attention.

Speakers are handcrafted here in Athens by mr Bullamatsis of Geometric Harmony while tube amplifiers are from Tsakiridis Devices who provided also the Hercules power strip, Athina line filter and Atlas power choke.

During the show, we listened to Cyclops 3 way speaker (5950 €) with Alexander pre-amp (1400 €) and Electra power amp (150 Watt in Push Pull/ 75 in triode mode 3500 €). DAC 1 by Lab 12, with e88cc I/V stage and 8x 1543 non-oversampling chips served as source (transport was Micormega’s CD 10).

Enough with the Greek names, I think we can now focus on the sound. Steve Ray Vaughan playing his guitar made me recall with some nostalgia my radio days. Boy, did I wish for a rocking system like this back in the days. The custom Danish mid used in the Cyclops was so involving and articulated while the Scan Speak Illuminator R tweeter extended the speakers response all the way up to Olympus. Bass was a kick in the chest..

The Electra power amps were more than sufficient even in triode operation, in fact I preferred the more melodic, almost palpable, sound of this configuration than the beefier ultra-linear mode.

This was what I consider the best sound for buck of the show, and by a large margin.








  1. it was an underground hip company with respect to music and clients budget.
    Great harmonic signature to their presentation also dynamics that socks.
    Ask for upgraded versions to rich optimum.Owning alexander artemis paired proac tr8 monitors ps1 1002 silvernote tube buffer mogami cablesi could say thats to die for at 5000euros total at a small space.

  2. Nikos Bullamatsis and Tsakiridis bothers (the latter with more than 20 years experience on tube amps) are also great guys, passionate music lovers and audiophiles. My best wishes to them!

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