Athens 2013: Isotek, Primare, Audio Physic


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

The quintessence of shows are live demonstrations and Keith Martin, founder of IsoTek is tailor made in giving such demos. The system he used was Primare electronics (CD 32 and Integrated 32) with Audio Physic’s Classic Line 30 speakers. Audio cables were by Nordost (Red Dawn series) while all the power cables and filtering were naturally by IsoTek.

Keith stated that with “cheap” cables, and no power optimization solutions, one would get 80% of his system capabilities (or investment, if you prefer). In fact, he pulled out a frequency analyzer tool and measured the (rather hideous) mains coming from the hotel with a reading of 447 out of 1000, meaning that almost half of the frequencies coming from the mains supply had values different than the standard 50 Hz (continental EU standard). Then he attached the mains noise analyzer to the Titan power conditioner and the reading was 000. Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me, but I’m always for what my ears tell me.

Keith plugged the amplifier to the Titan and …. Are you familiar with the phrase “a veil was removed”? This was more like Buckingham palace 18th century heavy curtains being removed.

Very impressed.