Athens 2013: Wilson Audio, Burmester, Clearaudio


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

No show should be called a show without at least a room featuring Wilson speakers. And the Alexia’s were here, in stunning black, paired with Burmester’s reference line 077 preamp, 909 MK5 power amp and 089 cd player.

On the analog front, Clearaudio offered a complete set of their products with Master Innovation turntable (with Accu PSU) fitted with universal tonearm and Goldfinger statement MC cartridge. Most importantly Clearaudio brought their new (world first presentation) Absolute phono stage (price should be close to 12.000 $), which departs from the classic concept of phono pre-amplifiers. Actually the one on their site is still the older model, as the “active headshell circuit” is now integrated in the main phono stage. They claim a -10dB in noise floor and I must admit, this has been one of the most silent front ends I have ever heard (or non heard if you prefer). Just to complete the megabuck system, all cables were Nordost Odin series.

Dylan with a piano (“Ring Them Bells”/Oh Mercy LP) is more than enough to get me to musical heaven and this system delivered pitch perfect piano notes and all the complexities that characterize Bob’s voice.