RMAF 2013: Look at the size of that thing!

RMAF was a first for me: a show where it quickly became clear I had not a hope of going to every room, let alone coming up with something intelligent to say about each one. I came to this realization fairly early on Friday, when the knowledge that the show was closing and I hadn’t even made it through every room in the Atrium sank in.

So let me extend my apologies in advance to all the rooms I didn’t make it to and all of the places I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back and listen!” and then never managed it. Readers will notice there are some rooms that Scot and I both covered, and in some places Mal and I have both covered the same room. I’d like to say this is solely because we know that we all have different things to say about the same equipment, which is true, but I think mostly it’s because we couldn’t face the multiple arm-wrestling contests involved in divvying things up. Forgive us, we’re weak.

I’ll have some thoughts overall at the end, as well as my “best of show” categories, but for now, let’s get into the room-by-room coverage. Tally-ho!