RMAF 2013: GTT Audio presents YG Acoustics, Mola-Mola, Luxman, Kubala-Sosna


GTT Audio can always be counted on for a megabucks systems that sounds like, well, megabucks. This go-round, the offering consisted of the new YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 passive speakers ($72,800), four Mola-Mola Kaluga mono amps ($7,500 each), the Mola-Mola Makua pre-amp ($10,000), and the Luxman DA-06 DAC ($4,990). Cables were by Kubala-Sosna, and ranged from $6,000-12,000.

The combination of YG and Mola-Mola is stellar. In the past I’ve sometimes found Mola-Mola to be a bit thin and dry, and I occasionally find YG to be a bit overly precise, so you would think that the combination would have me climbing the walls, but somehow it really worked! Instead of sounding thin, it sounded airy and light, with a beautifully wide and spacious soundstage.




  1. Wow, Scott. Like you, I would be pre-disposed to think this would not be a good match. Usually I find YG sounds best with an amplifier I consider a little on the warm (but not tubby) side. Now I am a little bummed I did not check out this room this year!

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