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Light Harmonic Introduces Desktop “Geek Pulse” on Indiegogo

Light Harmonic, maker of state-of-the-art digital audio products, is proud to introduce “Geek Pulse” through a campaign on crowdfunding site . “Geek Pulse” is a desktop DAC and amplifier that connects to a computer, music server or other digital device to form the basis of a high-quality compact music system. geek_pulse_sound_room Light Harmonic recently confounded expectations of the audiophile world by utilizing technology developed for their $31,000 DaVinci Dual DAC in the ‘Geek Out’ portable DAC/ headphone amp launched on The campaign set records by reaching its $28,000 funding goal in 10 1/2 hours, with a final tally of $303,000 from 2,146 backers. ‘Geek Out’ will sell through mainstream retail outlets for an MSRP of $299, starting in January, 2014; the strong response to “Geek Out” prompted Light Harmonic to establish a division devoted solely to mass-market products: LH Labs. “The ‘Geek Out’ campaign proved the demand for no-frills, no-jargon high-performance digital audio products that regular people can use and enjoy”, said Gavin Fish, Light Harmonic’s VP of Sales. “ ‘Geek Out’ showed that the general public understands the benefits of clearer sound, and a lot of our backers asked us for a desktop device with more power, more inputs, and more outputs. So---here it is!.” 

“Geek Pulse” provides superb sound quality from a wide range of high-resolution formats, in an easy-to-use plug-and-play device. “Pulse”‘s DAC natively decodes PCM files up to 32-bit/384kHz, as well as native decoding of DSD64 and DSD128 files, and features the Patent-Pending 3L buffer introduced by Light Harmonic in Da Vinci DAC. The amplifier is pure Class-A, utilizing a super-quiet DC power supply to produce 3,000 milliwatts of clean power, enough to drive even the most insane headphones, as well as quality desktop speakers.

Connectivity is class-leading: inputs include 1-USB 2.0, 1-Toslink, and 2-S/PDIF RCAs; outputs are a 1/4’ headphone jack on the front, and a pair of gold-plated RCA line-out jacks on the back.

“We were so happy that people liked ‘Geek Out’,” said Larry Ho, CEO of Light Harmonic. “Our backers said they wanted a desktop unit, and so we are happy to give it to them with ‘Pulse’. We will have even bigger surprises in this next year.”

“We expect our backers will help us to make ‘Pulse’ even better than it already is,” said Fish. “And it’s already as good as anything being made today.” The Indiegogo campaign for “Geek Pulse” went live at at 12:00 AM, PST on Tuesday, October 29th and runs through December 20th, 2013.

Since its inception in 2008, Indiegogo has raised millions of dollars for thousands of projects. Initially geared to the independent film industry, the site expanded in 2009 to include all industries and types of fundraising projects.

“Our last campaign showed us that as smart as we think we are, our backers are smarter,” said Fish. “We can’t wait to see what they teach us during the launch of ‘Geek Pulse’.”

Suggested Retail Price, “Geek Pulse”: $499.00 Availability: April, 2014.

About Light Harmonic

Light Harmonic was founded in Sacramento, California in 2010 with the goal of producing the finest- sounding digital audio products in the world. The company produces the industry-leading Da Vinci DAC ($20,000), Da Vinci Dual DAC ($31,000) and the LightSpeed USB cable ($999-$1999). All three products have received rave reviews and are sold worldwide through a network of specialist dealers and distributors. “Geek Out” was the first product developed for Light Harmonic’s mass-market subdivision, LH Labs; “Geek Pulse” is the second.

“Geek Pulse” Indiegogo campaign goes live at midnight (Pacific) — tonight!

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