Geek Pulse Crowd-Sourcing Campaign Blows By Goal in first 8 hours

It’s a good day to be Gavin Fish, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Light Harmonic.

Back in August, Light Harmonic launched their campaign to bring out the Geek Out, a USB-powered headphone amplifier that supports all the latest and greatest high-resolution audio files. That campaign absolutely destroyed their revenue targets, and over the course of the 30-day run, the Light Harmonic team pulled in over $300k on a $28k goal.

Holy f***.

Today, at about 3am Eastern time, Light Harmonic launched their second campaign, this time to bring out a larger, more powerful and more feature-rich desktop version of their Geek, called the Geek Pulse. Less than 8 hours after launch, that $38k goal was completely dusted.

Holy f***.

While it’s definitely a team effort over at Light Harmonic, I can safely blame Gavin for the wild success he’s having with social media and crowd-funding. I mean, it’s his face in all the videos so clearly its all his fault. Anyway, with this kind of breakthrough and breakout marketing, you have to know that those kids are cooking up something new. I’m psyched — their flagship Light Harmonic DAC, the Da Vinci, is absolutely sick, and that prototype Geek I got to try out at RMAF was kick ass.

So, while the getting is still good — head on over. The Light Harmonic team is currently offering a limited supply of Geek combos — one Geek Out and one Geek Pulse — for $398.

Trust me. This won’t last.


  1. It is impressive how responsive LH has been to requests/suggestions from their funders. Typically you hunt around for the piece of gear that is the closest in feature set to what you would like. Here they are taking feedback before it’s made. The Pulse-I will already come as the Pulse-II

  2. I signed up for a pulse at about 9 AM EST, and at that time it was already at $10K above their $38K goal. Now comes the waiting…

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