Geek Pulse triples goal — in one day?

This is all a little fascinating, isn’t it? You can almost watch, in real time, a company tap into a market need and provide something of high-value. That’s not something you see every day, kids.

So, here we are, about a day into Light Harmonic’s second crowd-funding campaign. This time, they’re bringing out a larger, more powerful and more feature-rich desktop version of their Geek, called the Geek Pulse.

And they’ve almost tripled their $38k goal. Only 50+ days to go! My God ….

Why didn’t think of this? Clever bastards! Anyway, at this point, there’s still a couple of slots available for getting a Geek Pulse at 50% off. If you’re feeling frisky, you can opt for a desktop and a portable — there doesn’t appear to be a limit on those bundles, so that may be your path if and when those early bird specials disappear.


  1. It really is exciting to see something like this look like a funding success! What’s nice is that the DAC represents a price point that is affordable to a whole lot more people that their current products (appx $20k). While I would hesitate to call even a $200-500 DAC “mass market” – given that in the true “cost-first” mass market an entire receiver may cost less than that – it sure is a much wider market than they have ever developed products for before, and is far closer to that mass market than most small companies will ever get!

    And like the old adage about “What America needs is a decent 5 cent cigar” this is the audio equivalent, I think! Kudos!

  2. I’m glad LH is getting lots of funding for this project. I guess there is a lot of demand for a DAC in the $250 to $400 range. One thing that makes me wonder about the funding is where do they get the $106K total from. At the time of my typing this message from looking at the LH Geek Pulse funding page 34 have claimed the $398 package, 132 people have claimed the $249 package, 1 has claimed the $2268 package, 8 have claimed $5 pack, 2 have claimed the $50 gift card and 267 people have claimed the $1 donation. That comes out of $49,075. Really weird.

    • Theres a lot of folks that are donating more than the minimum and less than the stated packages.

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