Geek Pulse triples goal — in one day?

This is all a little fascinating, isn’t it? You can almost watch, in real time, a company tap into a market need and provide something of high-value. That’s not something you see every day, kids.

So, here we are, about a day into Light Harmonic’s second crowd-funding campaign. This time, they’re bringing out a larger, more powerful and more feature-rich desktop version of their Geek, called the Geek Pulse.

And they’ve almost tripled their $38k goal. Only 50+ days to go! My God ….

Why didn’t think of this? Clever bastards! Anyway, at this point, there’s still a couple of slots available for getting a Geek Pulse at 50% off. If you’re feeling frisky, you can opt for a desktop and a portable — there doesn’t appear to be a limit on those bundles, so that may be your path if and when those early bird specials disappear.