RMAF 2013: Gingko Audio, Dana Cable, Wells Audio


In the Gingko Audio room, I got a chance to listen again to the combination of Wells Audio’s Inamorata ($6,500) and Gingko Audio’s ClaraVu 7 modular speakers. These speakers consist of monitors ($3995/pair) that can be purchased separately or in combination with matching powered sub modules ($2,990/pair). Dana Cable was the focus of the room while I was there, however; these masters of showmanship were conducting cable shoot-outs all weekend, inviting skeptical audiophiles to pit their favorite cables against the Dana Cable Sapphire Reference speaker cables ($3,950 for two meters). I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity — I don’t need experts to tell me that I can probably do better than the Home Depot zip cord currently hooked up to my speakers, and I’m not sure I want to explain to Homeland Security why there’s a coil of cable in my luggage — but I did stick around long enough to hear a comparison between an unknown set of “typical” cables and the Sapphire Reference. There was indeed a noticeable difference in sound between the two; my first impression was that the typical cables had sounded just fine, but the switch to Dana Cables brought out a greater, tighter bass response and the music seemed to bloom more in the room. The intention and philosophy behind Dana Cable is to “get out of the way of the music” and avoid coloration. It would probably take some additional listening before I could tell you if they succeed in this mission, but I feel comfortable in saying that they definitely make a difference.