RMAF 2013: Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp of Japan


Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen was all smiles on Saturday, and with good reason: things were sounding sweet! The combination of Acoustic Zen loudspeakers and Triode Corp amplification is always a treat, and it was sounding especially warm, smooth, and holographic.

The speakers were Acoustic Zen Crescendo loudspeakers ($16,000), powered by the Triode TRX-M845 mono blocks ($22,500) and the Triode’s new TRX-2 tube preamp ($5,000). This fine pre also includes an MM and MC phono stage, but I didn’t get to hear that in action. Instead the source was Triode’s TRV-CD5SE CD player ($3,200) and TRX-DAC 1.0 ($2,500). All cables were by Acoustic Zen.






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  1. Are these speakers too big for a 13×20 foot room? I keep reading that they are “big” speakers, although the dimensions seem pretty similar to most other floorstanders. Maybe I am missing something.

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