RMAF 2013: GR Research, Dodd Audio, Triode Wire Labs, dB Labs

The GR Research LS-X loudspeakers ($39,000) offered big, beautiful sound, and the included integrated subwoofer towers insured that there was no lack of bass. The dB Labs Evolution DAC ($2,395) and dB Audio Revolution media server ($1,195) provided the source, and Triode Wire Labs provided the cables.

At 300 lbs apiece, Gary Dodd’s big blue statement monoblocks reportedly did not survive the trip to Denver. However, the system still sported a full array of Dodd Audio custom battery-powered amplification, and suffice it to say that the room did not suffer from any power issues. Instead, this offered a soundstage of impressive height and depth, if a bit constrained in width.







  1. If the blue color is going to be used IMO Dodd should use the blue glass JJ KT88 power tubes to complete the look. I think it is pretty cool that expensive amplifiers can use moderately priced JJ tubes with them.

    • Hear hear (I’m not particularly keen on overpriced, battery powered and/or tube amplifiers either).

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