RMAF 2013: Audio Arts presents Zellaton, CH Precision


Audio Arts‘ Gideon Schwartz had a room full of state of the art gear — as I reported live from RMAF last month. Here, I just wanted to share some of the … ahem … better photos. Enjoy.

My recollection of this room was one of speed, delicacy, and precision. There is very definitely a “house sound” that Gideon is shooting for here, and I know quite a few audiophiles that would be completely undone by this presentation. Me? I found it breathtaking. Lively and hyper-real, it was still organic and fully immersive. High resolution, baby. Oh yeah. SOTA all the way.






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  1. Yes, agree 100% Scot. Nice photos! For me, this was in my top 3 rooms of RMAF. Simple aesthetic, understated but outstanding quality gear in this room created superb detail even at low volume. CH Precision is unfamiliar to me but i was impressed at the engineering behind the amplifiers especially. The Koda is simply exquisite. I’d like to be able to try the k15 in my 845 tube based system. The trinity was what caught my eye and ear and i’m about to test it out with my AMG v12 and Allaerts finish this week. If it’s anything close to what i heard at RMAF, while playing depeche mode, roberta flack and sonny rollins, i’ll be keeping it for a very long time 🙂
    Scot, what did you listen to when you heard the system?

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