RMAF 2013: Auralic

Auralic was tucked into a corner at CanJam, and I nearly missed the table. Glad I didn’t! The Gemini series is a new desktop-friendly DAC/can-amp combo that features “trickle-down” tech from the excellent Vega product line. Oh, and they built that sucker into a dead-sexy headphone stand from Klutz Design!

Both GEMINI models support all high-resolution music formats, including DXD, DSD and double-rate DSD as well as sampling rates from 44.1K to 384K. Their amplifier sections provide Class-A headphone power outputs up to 2000 milliWatts in Class-A for the GEMINI 2000, more than enough to drive any higher-quality model; and 1000mW of Class-A power for the GEMINI 1000. Both the GEMINI 2000 and 1000 come equipped with quarter-inch stereo phone jacks and 4-PIN XLR headphone jacks. The GEMINI 2000 additionally employs a fully balanced design to achieve a the finest audiophile-quality music reproduction.