Geek Pulse destroys second stretch goal, closing on $400k

Thanksgiving and Black Friday were off-days for me, so it was fun to check in on the madness after the feeding frenzy yesterday. And guess what? The LH Labs team has now blown past their second “stretch goal” of $350k — so — your new Geek Pulse desktop “Awesomifier” will now include a two year warranty. Not a bad deal.

Current pricing has the amp/DAC combo at 30% off of retail, or $299. But those “in the know” (i.e., those that have registered on have found a way to get a second one quite a bit cheaper. Hint: catch a clue — head over and see what they’re cooking up for you.

Ready to commit? Dive in? Get on the band wagon? Join the thronging zombie army? Then you need to go to Indiegogo to get your name on the list.


  1. Thanks a lot, Scot.

    We are excited about this holiday result as well…No only ‘us’, there are quite some new people in our campaign as well. They are asking, poking, wondering and learning how to make their music better.

    It’s wonderful!


  2. I do believe you have to have bought one already (or backed one) to get the Special Black Friday pricing, at least according to Larry of LH Labs.

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