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Holiday Gift Ideas?

Audiophilia, as a hobby (whether head-fi or hi-fi), isn’t really known for being … ah … affordable. In fact, I think there may be a Mystical Law somewhere that says when these two Realms collide, it’ll be the surest sign that the End Times are upon us.

Anyway, assume for a moment that maybe a couple hundred bucks is legit for your budget and that you’re okay wrapping items that cost that much up in paper and swinging them in a sock, suspended over a fire. Okay? Perfect.

So, with that said, the Audio360 kids have put up their (our?) annual Stocking Stuffers Guide. Not that you really needed an excuse to spend money, but there’s quite a few relatively affordable items on that list that might please — though none of them will roast particularly well, so keep that in mind. And yes, Yours Truly threw a couple of ideas into that stocking, too.

One thing I forgot: most record stores offer gift certificates. Yes, Virginia, there are still record stores! Happily, I find that gift cards almost always fit inside my socks. But then, I do have absurdly large feet.

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5 Comments on Holiday Gift Ideas?

  1. Earbud fi and portable DACs had leveled the field. To the chagrin of those selling $10,000 wires and $150,000 turntables that are not as good.

    Who sits any longer in darkened rooms sipping Bordeaux? We are at our computers, with another panel TV at the side watching [rubbish], listening to hi rez digital downloads on AUDEZE LCD-3s and Shure 846s. Both better than 99% of the top shelf speakers out there. The rest are dinosaurs with one foot on a banana peel. And this thought comes from one of them.

    • Wow!? Interesting posting! I’m almost in agreement with you! I don’t watch very much at all, network tv. Otherwise, spot on! Paradigm shift, indeed!

      • Paradigm shift indeed! and we’re not excluding anybody, which, in our opinion, has been one of the problems plaguing high end audio for decades (and many of us have in-room 2-channel systems) – they cut themselves off from consumer culture – and they made it a niche within a niche. Now there are ways to reach the masses (thus the vinyl explosion, and of course headphones) and share the notion of high fidelity with them without alienating them!

    • AMEN!! I feel the same way, and I’m on of them too! Well said sir!

    • Well Said AGB!!
      Mind if we quote you on that last line?!?!

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