Passages: A Watch by William Shatner and Egard

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Indiegogo is stuffed to the gills with nifty little projects. I’ve been tracking the LH Labs adventures with their Desktop Headphone Awesomifier, the Geek Pulse, with more than a little interest. Crowd funding, at least for LH Labs, seems to be working out … ah … pretty well. Ahem.

Well, I found something else interesting on Indiegogo the other day. But lemme take a step back.

I like watches.

Happily, this particular interest has not blown into a full-fledged addiction, so my acquisitiveness in this arena has been pleasantly limited. But if had me some Mitt Romney money, bow howdy, could I spend that cash. In fact, I would be excellent at spending Mitt Romney’s money. Would it surprise you that I while away pleasant hours daydreaming about how well I’d spend Mitt Romney’s fortune? Well, if you won’t tell then I won’t tell about that time I caught you on chat roulette.

Anyway ….

I found this campaign on Indiegogo that might be worth checking out.

It’s an odd looking watch, with some clever and generally interesting features that will utterly bore the living snot out of you if you’re not into horology, so I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

But most importantly, it was inspired by, influenced by, and generally blessed by Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and is therefore totally awesome.

If you’re into watches, this might be a good time to check this one out. Like all crowd-funding programs, the early bird gets the good pricing, and time is limited.


  1. Hmmm, but it is not a high end watch…it is a mass produced designer watch. Cute. Think Channel, Prada, Yves St. Laurent. A fashion statement if it can even be called that.

    Two guys get together, invent a brand name, hire a celebrity who gets a cut and a sample, email the design to a case making house in China, get a cheap movement in Switzerland or Japan – assemble the whole in the Orient somewhere, stamp the brand on the dial and sell it. Quality is not even in the equation and it should be.

    I do recommend REVOLUTION Magazine for those into watches as a start to learn about escapements, movements, column wheels and other matters of import. You have enough entertainment here for a week. Enjoy:

    I wear Girard-Perregaux and IWC…in other words, real watches. My dad was a master watchmaker schooled at the Shaffhausenwerks. The nice thing about watches if you buy right, is that you won’t lose money when and if you decided to get bored with it. Meaning, yousa makes yousa money when you buy, not when you sell. For example, I sold a Rolex Explorer to a friend about 1996 for $1000. The other day he called and thanked me. He sold it for $25,000.

    • Love me some watches. But not the wallet for a $10k piece of jewelry that only tells me the time. I mean, that’s a fancy-ass turntable, with tonearm and cart! Or enough LPs that I simply won’t be able to listen to them all in a month. Whew. I’m getting sweaty thinking about it.

  2. This website often amazes me with its plethora, dare I say, cornucopia of articles daring you not to read. Yes, I dare anyone in the world with a molecule of geekology (i.e. audiophile) to not read at least some part of an article with the word “Shatner” in the title.

    BTW, Shatner’s autobiography is generally great fun, and I recommend it. Befitting this moment, I listened to the audio book version whilst driving from lovely N. Utah to this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver where I first met the proprietor of this (my new favorite) audiophile blog, Scot Hull.

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