Passages: A Watch by William Shatner and Egard

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Indiegogo is stuffed to the gills with nifty little projects. I’ve been tracking the LH Labs adventures with their Desktop Headphone Awesomifier, the Geek Pulse, with more than a little interest. Crowd funding, at least for LH Labs, seems to be working out … ah … pretty well. Ahem.

Well, I found something else interesting on Indiegogo the other day. But lemme take a step back.

I like watches.

Happily, this particular interest has not blown into a full-fledged addiction, so my acquisitiveness in this arena has been pleasantly limited. But if had me some Mitt Romney money, bow howdy, could I spend that cash. In fact, I would be excellent at spending Mitt Romney’s money. Would it surprise you that I while away pleasant hours daydreaming about how well I’d spend Mitt Romney’s fortune? Well, if you won’t tell then I won’t tell about that time I caught you on chat roulette.

Anyway ….

I found this campaign on Indiegogo that might be worth checking out.

It’s an odd looking watch, with some clever and generally interesting features that will utterly bore the living snot out of you if you’re not into horology, so I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

But most importantly, it was inspired by, influenced by, and generally blessed by Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and is therefore totally awesome.

If you’re into watches, this might be a good time to check this one out. Like all crowd-funding programs, the early bird gets the good pricing, and time is limited.