Geek Pulse — Two Weeks Remain

The tick-tock of the clock is painful, all sane and logical. I want to tear it off the wall.

In two short weeks, the LH Labs Indiegogo campaign will wind its way to an end. I can’t freakin’ wait. I want mine!

I kinda feel like a cheerleader, here, but I freely admit — I think that this is all kind of exciting. This is history, folks — we’re watching a product take shape in front of us, and it’s your enthusiasm that is guaranteeing its reality. That’s altogether nifty, and I fully expect that this is some kind of crazy-ass template we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the next few months. Long live crowd-funding!

If you’ve missed all the noise because you’ve spent the last couple of weeks under a particularly cozy rock, here’s the scoop — the Geek Pulse is a desktop-based headphone amplifier and digital audio converter that you can use with your home computer. It has some of the most impressive specs and features available in the market today — and is available, pre-launch, at 40% off of retail. No restrictions, no limitations, just a straight-up, first-come, first served model. Could be that as many as 1,000 of your audio-nut friends have already joined in and will be getting their own “Desktop Awesomifier” in a few short weeks.

As for LH Labs, well. At $450k, they’re a bit past their original goal. Like well over 10x that mark. My, oh, myyyy. Looks like pah-tay time over at their HQ!

As for me, I will cheerfully say that I have been nothing but thrilled with the products I’ve been able to sample from this crew and I expect that this new widget will be nothing less than shockingly good. Will it actually deliver? Stay tuned; but honestly, I’ll be getting mine about the same time you’ll be getting yours, so why bother waiting?

There are a few other “deals” buried on the crowd-sourcing page, so feel free to browse.


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